Does my child need Braces ?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children receive their first orthodontic screening no later than age seven. By this age it will be clear if a child has any malocclusions, or jaw alignment problems in which the upper and lower jaws are not the same size. 
Some malocclusions are extremely common, like overcrowding of either or both of the jaws.The earlier the orthodontic evaluation, the quicker our team can determine if braces are required and what treatment plan would be best for you. With overcrowding, some kids' teeth will grow into their expanding mouths without any problems; others' will continue to be squeezed, which can pose problems later on if not corrected. Other malocclusions include open bite, in which the upper and lower lines of teeth do not meet each other in the middle of the mouth, crossbite, underbite, in which the upper jaw is larger than the lower or vice versa . At an orthodontic evaluation, our team will assess your child's occlusions and recommend whether braces are needed. 

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