The Bryan Dental Guide for Healthy Teeth Over the Holidays

1. Avoid chewy/sticky treats

As delicious as they are, holiday candy platters are often loaded with treats that can harm your teeth. Sticky substances cling to tooth enamel and encourage tooth decay, and thick candies like caramel and taffy can even yank out fillings. Eat these sweets sparingly and along with other foods to help keep the treats from sticking to your teeth.

2. Its all about TIMING

There's no need to say no to dessert! Instead, have your sweets and sugary foods with or briefly after meals. Saliva production increases during meals and helps cancel out acids produced by bacteria in your mouth and helps rinse away food particles.

3. Limit your alcohol intake

Tis the season for Egg Nog and Champagne. If you choose to imbibe, drink water alongside any alcoholic drinks. Keep in mind that too much alcohol can dry out your mouth.

4. Nutcrackers are there for a reason

Use a nutcracker, not your teeth, to shell nuts. No nutcracker? Choose a different snack! Shelling nuts with your teeth can cause a lot of painful and expense damage.

5. Come see us ! 
This is the great time of the year to visit our office. By maintaining regular dental hygiene visits, your teeth look their best and stay healthy. This way you can start the new year with a perfect smile and healthy oral health. Call us at (979) 985- 5505 or visit our website


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