Dental Phobia

The avoidance of dental care due to fear of dentistry is a well known barrier to oral health. Many anxious or phobic patients will accept dental treatment if managed by sympathetic staff with the assistance of psychological therapies. A proportion of the population will, however, require sedation to help them accept dental treatment. It should be remembered that whilst fear of dentistry is commonplace there are other reasons why patients may refuse dental care: the patient may have behavioural problems or lack the capacity to understand the proposed treatment. When managing patients who are reluctant to have dental treatment it is important to understand the difference between anxiety and phobia. The Bryan Dental in Bryan and College Station area is conveniently located near to the Briarcrest Walmart is the dentist office by me. 


Phobia: an irrational fear of a particular object or situation – the fear response is excessive and disproportionate to the threat posed. The stimulus is comparatively small compared to the severity of the reaction . This is a lasting abnormal fear that is usually deep rooted in a patient's emotions and often its origin cannot be explained, although this is not always the case .The patient has little or no control over the phobia and logical thought is not a feature
A phobia can significantly change a patient's behaviour Embarrassment and shame are often present.


Anxiety: a human emotion which causes feelings of apprehension, tension and discomfort and is associated with increased activity of the sympathetic nervous system.  Anxiety is a learnt response Anxiety can be beneficial eg it is often anxiety that precipitates a candidate to study for examinations, but anxiety is not always a helpful state to be in An anxious patient is in a state of unease Anxiety can be measured by using self-reported questionnaires such as the Modified Dental Anxiety Scale .

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