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Adults who want straighter teeth might dream of a photo-ready, movie-star smile. But due to the sheer time and money it takes to complete traditional orthodontic treatment, this is often nothing more than wishful thinking. In-office treatments like braces and invisalign can treat a wide range of cases, but face-to-face orthodontist oversight ramps up prices and extends their timelines. The Bryan Dental in Bryan and College Station area is conveniently located near to the Briarcrest Walmart  is the best option available and affordable dentist near you.

Clear aligners

Clear aligners are one of the most popular courses of orthodontic treatment for adults. These aligners are usually hailed as ‘invisible braces’ due to their subtle appearance. This is because these aligners are transparent in colour and custom-made to fit snugly on your teeth, a bit like a small mouthguard.

For adults who want to change the appearance of their teeth without any obvious apparatus, the benefit of clear aligners is clear! But the question patients often ask their orthodontist is ‘will they actually work as well as traditional braces’?

The issue you want to correct

In general, these aligners will work best for adults who require minor corrections to problems such as mildly crooked, gappy or protruding teeth. Although more complicated orthodontic problems can also be treated with these aligners, the results can be less predictable.

For major corrections, traditional braces are likely to be a better option. This is because when you’re fitted for traditional braces, the appliances are glued to your teeth and therefore can apply stronger and more consistent forces to your teeth to achieve the desired outcome.

The number of clear aligners you’ll need

The number of aligners and attachments you’ll have will vary depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. You’ll usually receive a couple of months of aligners at a time and will work through them independently, so you’ll have fewer check-ups with your orthodontist than if you were to have traditional braces. The more aligners you’ll need during your course of treatment, the longer the treatment will take, the more appointments will be needed and the more expensive the treatment will be.

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