Dental Treatment for Most Anxious Patients with Laughing Gas


Anxiety towards dental treatments is often experienced both by children and adults. Dental anxiety can happen before simple procedures like injection or traumatic procedures such as tooth extraction. Perhaps anxiety is inevitable in dental surgeries. Sedation is used in many dental clinics to manage and reduce dental anxiety. “Sedation makes an anxiety provoking situation more tolerable”, In our Dental clinic  Small doses of Nitrous Oxide can induce a pleasurable feeling and assist anxious patients in better tolerating a moderately painful treatment.The Bryan Dental in Bryan and College Station area is conveniently located near to the Briarcrest Walmart  is the best kids dentist and also closet dentist office .

Pain-Free Dentist

Anxious Patients May Cry Because They Have No Other Choice. Compared to children, adults can better repress their feelings and anxiety but probably adults are as anxious as children when it comes to injection or tooth extraction. Adults have the option of avoiding, procrastination or cancelling their dental appointment whereas children do not have this option, therefore they show their anxiety with crying, etc. click here to see how you can deal with dental anxiety in children.

Sedation techniques in dentistry are not absolutely pain-free, however, there are techniques that dentists use to manage pain and anxiety in patients. Laughing gas dulls pain and helps reduce anxiety. It does not provide a 100% pain-free sedation when you are experiencing significant pain. In addition to laughing gas your dentist may also use local anaesthesia (numbing medication) in your mouth to achieve better results.

Sleep Dentistry

Laughing gas helps nervous patients relax in the dental chair during their procedure. Your dentist administers controlled amount of laughing gas so that you stay conscious and able to follow dentist instructions. Laughing gas is a conscious sedation but some patients incorrectly refer to it as “sleep dentistry”. Generally, laughing gas administered during dental treatments, does not prevent you from driving after the procedure is fully complete. Laughing gas tends to wear off quickly as soon as the gas valve is closed. But check and communicate with your dentist if you are ok to leave 5 to 15 minutes after your treatment is complete.

Happy Gas for Tooth Extraction Pain Relief

Nitrous oxide has been used as a sedative in dentistry since 1844. Some dentists used this gas to control pain during tooth extraction. Patients normally feel an euphoric feeling spread throughout their body approximately after about 5 minutes of inhaling the gas. Nitrous oxide has pain reducing effects and it cannot kill significant pain. It assists with acceptability of unpleasant procedures.

Laughing Gas is Needle-Free and Quick

Happy gas is an appealing procedural sedative for patients with significant needle phobia because it is applied without needles and has a rapid onset and recovery which is an ideal characteristic for a sedative. In dentistry, laughing gas may be used to provide moderate sedation for procedures that are minimally to moderately painful.

Sedation Dentistry for Children in Brisbane

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, AAPD, recognizes laughing gas as a safe technique to reduce anxiety in patients. Laughing gas can be used as an effective technique to enhance child-dentist communication. Some dentists administer laughing gas to children to protect them against traumatizing and prevent bad experience in dental clinic. When used appropriately, laughing gas is safe to be used in children’s dentistry.

For children, laughing gas can be administered to:

  • Reduce gagging
  • Elevate pain threshold
  • Reduce child anxiety in the dental chair
  • Raise tolerance for a long treatment
  • Reduce undesired movements in the dental chair

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