Emergency Dentist

Dental emergencies can occur at any time. When unexpected tooth pain or dental trauma strikes, you need immediate emergency dental attention. The team at West Perth Dental offers same-day emergency dentistry services for our patients. No matter the issue, we’ll assist you as soon as possible in a calm, relaxing environment.

We can assist with child dental traumas and adult urgent dental needs in Perth. There is no Perth dental emergency that we cannot assist with, in a compassionate and understanding manner.

Do You…

. Hate going to the dentist?

  • Suffer from dental phobia/anxiety?
  • 3. Or simply have complex treatment you would prefer done under sedation, such as crowns, fillings or extractions?
  • At Our Dental Clinic we offer a full range of sleep dentistry options, which include:


IV Sedation (Sleep Dentistry or Twilight Sedation)

General Anaesthetic in hospital

Laughing Gas (Happy Gas)

Laughing gas (or happy gas) is one of our first options, especially for kids, when exploring options for nervous or anxious patients.

Laughing gas is delivered by a small mask that is fitted over your nose. You are completely conscious during the procedure, and able to respond to requests or directions. It does however make most people feel relaxed and calm during the dental procedure.

It is particularly effective on kids, and is popular due to the lower cost and short term effect of the gas.

Not everyone will find it effective, and we are happy to do a test with nitrous oxide at your consultation appointment to see if we get the desired result.

IV Sedation (Sleep Dentistry or Twilight Sedation)

Intravenous Sedation (IV Sedation), also referred to as “Sleep Dentistry”, is a method where a sedative drug is administered via an injection to put you in a sleep-like state.

This method is particularly effective for people with dental phobia or anxiety, or those who need extensive or invasive treatment and would prefer not to be “awake” throughout the procedure

The difference between IV Sedation and treatment under a general anaesthetic is that you are not actually “unconscious”, however you are in a highly relaxed, sleep-like state.

When you “wake up” from the procedure you will feel like no time has passed, you will have no memory of the procedure and will have felt no pain during the procedure, similar to treatment under a general anaesthetic

Some of the benefits of IV Sedation are:

Quicker recover time than treatment under a general anaesthetic

In most cases you can get all of your dental treatment done in one visit, rather than spread out over days or weeks

You will not feel any pain throughout the procedure, not know what is happening at the time or have any memory of it

It is cheaper than treatment under a general anaesthetic if you do not have health insurance

General Anaesthetic

For more extensive or invasive treatment we offer treatment under a general anaesthetic in hospital.

There is little restriction on age when treating patients under a general anaesthetic, so we are able to treat kids or adults. We are also able to treat people with special needs, such as physical or intellectual disabilities, and can also admit certain bariatric (obese or morbidly obese) patients who may have been declined dental treatment due to their size (some weight and BMI limits do still apply)


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