Why choose an Endodontist?


When you are seen by an endodontist for your root canal procedure, you can rest assured that they have the appropriate training to manage difficult treatments or retreatments of root canals. Studies have shown that endodontic treatment completed by endodontists have a higher success rate than when treated by a general dentist. This is true for both initial root canal therapy and retreatment of root canal therapy. Although the treatment cost may be higher, this is outweighed by the increased longevity. The Bryan Dental in Bryan and College Station area is conveniently located near to the Briarcrest Walmart is the best option available for any type of all types of endodontics treatment.  .

Root canal therapy (a.k.a. endodontic treatment) is performed on teeth that have been badly broken down, irreversibly inflamed or infected. This treatment is considered a last resort to save a tooth. During the procedure, the pulp and nerve are removed, then the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed. Left untreated, these teeth would usually become badly infected or abscessed and must be removed.

A relatively painless procedure

Root Canal Therapy  is commonly perceived as a painful procedure. But with more recent techniques and anaesthetics, it is relatively painless – much like having a filling done. Additionally, sedation and sleep dentistry options are available. You may experience some post-operative discomfort for the first few days, particularly if your tooth was infected before the procedure. You will be given appropriate analgesics, however, to relieve any discomfort.

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